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Cupcake Photo Spam

We put some lime juice into the icing and it stopped the icing from being sweeter than the cupcake.  Mmmm...

Had to make brownies for the person who was allergic to Almonds.    No one complained.  : )

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Can you come up to Sydney and make dessert for me?

Yum! Nice pics.

Brownies have almonds? Never knew.

No, the cupcakes have Almonds, grounded up, that's why I didn't cook them. Froze them instead, then put icing on top.

The Brownies are stock standard. Chocolate Fudge.

Ah, my mistake. All looks good, though :)

No worries, I didn't explain. Raw Cupcakes and baked Chocolate Fudge Brownies. :)

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