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A few more of my favourite photos from London...

This is a cake shop or deli in Covent Garden from vague memory.  It's been a while since I looked at these photos.  Forgot I had them.  They were on my phone...

This is a photo of some of the huge smorgasboard they had at a vegan cafe in Soho.  Best, "pork," stir-fry ever!  They had great staff and I ate about three greedy plates full.  : )

Lol, I would have taken a photo of what I was eating at the Soho cafe except I couldn't stop for long enough to take the photo, it was that good and I think I must have been that hungry.  *grin*

Sorry, once again I was enjoying the meal too much before I realised I was supposed to be showing you what I eat.  *slaps head* *g*  It was a lovely relaxing day of shopping in dirty-book stores in Soho and reading up on my favourite artist.  : )

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Sounds like my sort of day out!

I could bury my head in those cakes!!

These were photos from my phone, which is the reason they went up so late. I had forgotten that they were on there.

The photo of the cakes doesn't give the cakes justice. They looked so good in the window, I just had to stop and take a photo. They also had some great continental breads but the photo for that is pretty lame too. Anyway, twas a full and lovely day.

Thanks. x

I must return to the David Jones Food Hall in Sydney some time... with a few hundred dollars!

Yes, David Jones tends to be awesome for the Food Porn experience. :)

Mmmmm... Food Porn (drools)

Yes, I spend a lot of time on the net looking at Porn, *coughs* Food Porn. :)

No doubt you are familiar with ?

An excellent conglomeration of food magazines incorporated into a search engine with advanced search features (eg budget/ low GI/ vegetarian). I love it for when I can't think of what to cook with too much, say.. Flat Leaf Parsley and Greek Yoghurt!

YES, I am aware, they're amazing. I don't visit them enough though. Might do so this morning, thanks for reminding me of such a great resource. :)

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