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And there was much rejoicing...

Today I decided it was time to buy more crockery to make things a little nicer to look at on my skinny chic blog, so we went op shopping. Tony and I managed to get a whole lot of lovely little plates, platters, cups etc. That was awesome and I managed to bag me a couple of great jackets, one of them is the second photo in the previous post.

After Tony and I came back, my mum picked me up to have a girls day out. First we had a look at a sale and I got a pink jumper and a pink hoody top from Cocolatte, then she shouted me to a yummy vegetarian lunch at Noodle Bar at Knox. After our lovely lunch we went off to have a massage at Max Therapy. I had my first ever professional Head Massage. Now she thinks we should get them once a week. Lol, sounds awesome mum? Thanks. She also bought me some Orgran vegetable pasta and balsamic flavoured corn crisps. What a lovely treat.  : )

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Aren't mom's awesome?!? Hmm..head massages once a week? I could totally go for that!! ;)

I KNOW, weekly head massage! I'm so not complaining about that. She's usually so nasty to me, I can't believe how nice she's been to me. :)

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