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If you are loved half as much as I am by my friends you are very lucky...

Here is a video that one of my friends sent me on Facebook.  I've stopped crying long enough to be able to share this with you, my hands have almost stopped shaking.  Thank you.

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Oh yee gods! Ain't that the truth!

For EVERY time I've fucked up, no matter how great or small, I've taken at least some knowledge away from it so I can use it for next time.
That knowledge often doesn't come for hours, or days, or months (and in one recent case, 17 years)... but my experience is always there to rescue me in the long term.

My mother used to shoo me out of the kitchen because she didn't want me to teach me how to cook. :)

You're an amazing person. You do amazing things and will do even more. *hugs*

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