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Intangible- Artist Maria Palova

My mind's wondering again...

From : pleas⋅ure

1. the state or feeling of being pleased.
2. enjoyment or satisfaction derived from what is to one's liking; gratification; delight.
3. worldly or frivolous enjoyment: the pursuit of pleasure.
4. recreation or amusement; diversion; enjoyment: Are you traveling on business or for pleasure?
5. sensual gratification.
6. a cause or source of enjoyment or delight: It was a pleasure to see you.
7. pleasurable quality: the pleasure of his company.
8. one's will, desire, or choice: to make known one's pleasure.
–verb (used with object)
9. to give pleasure to; gratify; please.

I've been thinking about pleasure quite a bit lately.  I had been researching why we have the desire to eat and found that it was linked to sexual desire, that scientists had done tests on the brain waves and found the same brain activity for sexual desire and hunger.  (Can't remember where I found that ariticle right now, but it makes sense to me and this is my blog, not a thesis proposal.  Here's an article I found that has a bit to do with what I'm pontificating about: Emotional Eating )   This got me thinking about addiction and emotional eating of course.  Why is it so easy to give into over-eating and so hard to say no to sex.  To me it's about survival, but on a day to day basis we see it as, supplying comfort.  Food fills the gap, sex makes us feel loved.   If we don't procreate or eat, we don't perpetuate the species or stay alive.  So happiness and pleasure are linked to survival.  Obviously the sadder you get the closer you get to suicide and the happier you are the easier it is to exist.

There is a book, "In The Pursuit of Happiness." Is it that important?  Absolutely!  Ways to achieve instant gratification make a lot of money in this world.  The sex industry makes loads of people happy... and the weightloss industry is HUGE!!! Being sexually fullfilled and thin brings people great pleasure, but it doesn't guarantee lasting happiness.

Seeking pleasure is another reason people get addicted to drugs.  It brings instant comfort and happiness, takes us to another place, where everything's calm, and peaceful...  We're obsessive and prone to addiction by nature.  Anyone who says that they don't have an addictive nature is lying, we're all fixated or focused on something, it's just that some people's choice of addiction is more destructive than others.  (Does it have something to do with not being shown that we were loved as children?)

Basically we're constantly trying to avoid reality, pain, chores and confrontation... 

That wasn't coherently written... meh...

Bit bored now...


ps: I ate like a hippo today and loved every minute of it.  Lol.

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Woah! Holy crap! For a second there, I thought I read "I ate a hippo.." LOL

But seriously, good post.
I don't like confrontation. But I don't like avoidance either. So it's an interesting balance/ imbalance in my life.

Me too. Balancing is difficult.

Ate a hippo. Lol. :)

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