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Aaahhh! Don't look at me!!!

What do you do with yourself when, you're a Turkish Girl, who's in love with all thing's British and you live in Australia.  Just about everyday, I dream about living in London.    The only thing to do really is force yourself to embrace what you've got... and I really do mean force...  When I was a child, I begged my mum to serve me Bangers and Mash and use less spices with her cooking etc. but of course I was fed, heavily spiced meats, baklava for dessert and sugary cups of black tea and ayran .   Now that I think about it, that doesn't sound that bad, but I hated it because I wanted to be English.  Both Turkish and Australian things made me cringe and hate myself.  Turkish food made me think of being a Wog and everyone hated Wogs at school.  I tried to embrace Australian cuisine, but I hated Lamingtons and didn't understand the concept of thinly spreading a black paste over your toast called Vegemite?  Instead, I fell in love with Rick Astley and any other music that came out of Stock Aitken and Watermen, loved Depeche Mode and danced around like a gay man to The Petshop Boys.

Basically I didn't like much about being Australian and still have a little bit of a cringe to myself now but since getting married to my husband... I have developed a strange fascination with Rhyming Slang.  To the best of my knowledge this is something that originates from England but it's used quite a bit in Australia, especially if you live in Rural areas.  It makes it difficult for me to understand what Tony's saying sometimes but he always explains and now I've started looking it up so I can use it on him.  It's strange but fun.  Here are some sites that give you an idea of what I mean. 


Rhyming Slang:

Australian Rhyming Slang

Some Examples

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I too have loved everything British, since I was 8 yrs old & had to do a social studies report on another country, & was assigned England. I always think it's my English heritage calling me back!! My dad's family immigrated to the U.S. in the 1800's, to Utah of all places!, & have been here ever since. I was always the one who got my friends into the British groups, & I too was madly in love with Astley!!! How could you not love that voice? It still kind of startles me to see the body that goes with it! :) But I was into Australian things as well, because my best friend as a child, had lived in Australia. He would tell me these stories about the koala's & seeing kangaroos in his yard, & I thought it was one of the most magical places. I still think it's a pretty amazing place. Isn't it kind of funny how we always want to dissasociate ourselves with things as kids? I so hated telling people I was from Utah, especially when we moved to California, although when I told people I knew the Osmonds, I got pretty popular! ;)

For me it was really uncool to be Turkish and a lot of kids picked on me for being a Wog. Now embrace being Turkish a lot more than I do being Australian. I have two Turkish parents, an Australian Citizenship and a German Birth Certificate. I didn't like telling people I was born in Germany because of Hitler... Now I want to go to Germany for the Gothic Shoes, I still want to live in England, I want to visit historical sites in Turkey and as for Australia, I think I started to like it more when I started to watch a show called, "The Secret Life of Us." . It reminded me of my early 20's when I lived around the inner suburbs of Melbourne. The parties were fun and well I can't go too much into that on this public post but it was fun, you'll have to trust me on that one. ;)

My taste of London, only made me want it more. Can't wait till Tony and I can afford to take the three of us there. :)

Can't get more aussie than this pie...

australia.jpg (151 KB)

That definitely is an Aussie pie!!! :)

I think you have an interesting heritage. My mom's family is German, & I always wanted something more exotic, because there seems to be no end to the English/German mixes around here!! My sister went to Germany when she was in high school & loved it. One of these days, I want to just go everywhere I ever wanted!! Not sure how I'm going to do it yet, but I want to!!!

I went to Germany when I was 9, can't remember being outdoors, but I can remember the people I met there. They were very friendly and hospitable. They knew me when I was born apparently. You should have seen me then I used to look just like a little boy. Speaking of which, I'm trying to find some old pix to post.

We'll get there eventually. :)

OMG! I just found those pix that I mentioned! I had gathered them to put into an art project I was goig to do, but now I'll just post them in my blog with a bit of a blurb. Some of them are really funny. :)

If you were born in Germany you should be able to get EU residency and hence be able to work in London no problem :)

I wish it was that easy, but apparently I have to have German born parents as well... Who knows they might change or tweek it a little again as they do from time to time. At least that's what the German embassy said, is there another body I can speak to about the EU thing or are they the dudes I have to convince?

maybe an immigration legal service could help?

It's worth looking into, will do more research. Thanks. :)

I don't like lamingtons or Vegemite either. Then again, I'm hardly an example of an Australian.

Estel Talroval

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