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Just for the Record


Marylou: 1 year old. 

Marylou: Age 4 Making Wine

Marylou: Age 5

Marylou: Age 5 Being Taught How to Make Bread.  My mum
is on the left of the photo.

Marylou: Age 7 Received an Award for Highest Acheiver in her Ballet Class.

Marylou and Mum: Age 9 Buying Fresh Fish Bun in Cyprus

Sophia: Straight Out of the Womb

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It's a daily fetish, I'm obsessed with London. :)

I find JK Rowling very inspiring, apparently she was very poor before she got discovered. I'd love to ask her how she got through the tough times.

David Walliams is a clever, funny, driven young man, and I'd love to interview him about his Channel Swim, his inpirations and how he gets through darker times.

Thank you for always checking up on me and leaving comments that always make me cry or be inspired. (Cry in a good way.)

Oh and I created that button for my profile page, look what happens when you click on the image. ;)


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