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Our Visit to CERES, one of my favourite places...

This is mscate and her partner Chris.  They were selling stuff
at the CERES Market.  It was lovely to see them there.  : )

We bought bunnies off Aunty Cate. 

The great salt shaker, I bought from mscate

We saw garden art.

Of course there were bikes everywhere.  Good to see.

Sophia's bunnies had chai with us. 

My Soya Chai

Sophia playing with a puppy. 

Sophia and her mummy.  : )


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It was and there were lots of lovely people to sit and chat with at the Cafe too. Had a great time. :)

it was lovely to see you again and meet Sophia! Our hairstyles reflect how insanely windy it was! Crazy weather day!

I love that photo, it really is a great example of the weather. Lol. You two look really sweet together. x

I think Sophia loved meeting you guys and absolutely loves her Rabbits. She played with the all afternoon.

And... I wore the dress I bought off you in my vid that I made this afternoon. You get another mention in this vid. :)

awww how lovely! I'm charmed :)

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