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I'm not a waitress anymore, not that there's anything wrong with that job... Lol.

I guess it's time for an update?  I've been so busy with my new job and then so tired in the evening's, it's been difficult to sit down and write.  Hope everyone is well and happy.  : )

My new job as a Legal Secretary is awesome, the team I work with is a dream, so is the Team Leader.  Couldn't be happier really.  Domestic life is a dream.  Tony has taken over as Home Dad, which is what he always wanted.  We're both so happy with me being the Bread Winner and him the house manager.  Sophia is happier and healthier and we're all just swimming along really nicely together.

Today was interesting.  Tony is in Sydney finishing a TVCommercial and I've had to do a lot of things on my own, so I woke up extra early, got dressed, got Sophia ready, then we went off to daycare early so I could read her a book before I left her in their capable hands.  She still moped when I left.

Then when I got to work, I sat in the car in the carpark, I thought I might listen to the morning news before I went into work, because I was early... The battery cut out, so I went in early anway and had to work out who could help me jump start my car after work.  (My dad always taught me to keep jumper-leads in the car, so I was ready for it.)  Everything after that was a dream.  Several people offered to help me with it, one person taught us how to do it, mum offered to pick up Sophia from day care and nothing else went wrong. 

I feel so supported it's nice.  Have to get a new battery now...

Other news will be mentioned in a friends only post.  Mwah for now kiddies.  *hugs*

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Good for you - you deserve it after some tough times.

Thanks. Just spoke to Tony on the phone, looking forward to some cuddles with my little family. x

I'm so happy that you're doing great!! It's kind of nice when things fall into place, isn't it? You're lucky you've got a husband who is willing to be the stay-at-home parent...there's not too many like that. Congrats again on the job!! :D

Yes, I realise how lucky I am. Tony is one in a million. Thank you for your support good friend, hope all is going well with your promotion. :) It's really nice to have YOU in my life too. x

What fantastic news, well done you :-)

Hey hun - I didn't know Tony was in Sydney... What was the commercial for?

And well done about the Legal Secretary job! way to go!

He's back now, they're just finishing up watching, "Willow," and I'm getting ready to go to bed. Early start for work in the morow. :)

Thank you, I'm really proud of myself for landing this job.

Tony's ad was for a brand of Whisky. Can't remember the label. :)

LOL - glad you, Tony and S are having fun.. get a good night's sleep and have a great day tomorrow, ok? Love to T and S for me, and a mwah for everyone!

Thanks, *hugs* and I hope you start to feel better soon.x

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