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Dear Janet Street-Porter...

Sometimes I find myself inspired to write to a favourite celebrity or someone that's famous that just happened to say or do something that moved me.  I don't know I guess I think it might be flattering to read an email from a fan that was inspired to do something amazing or push themselves passed their usual limits all because they saw their favourite celeb do something extra-ordinary?  Usually I can find some sort of forwarding email address and just use that, but for Janet Street-Porter there doesn't seem to be one so I'm going to blog about what I would have said to her if I could...

I'm reading your book, "Life's Too F***ing Short," when I'm not working or being a mum.  I'm still managing to get through it pretty quickly but it does have to be squeezed into my busy schedule. 

I had a crap upbringing, a sad childhood and a very long hard road to any kind of success and happiness in my life.  I always wanted someone to show me the ropes, give me advice and inspire me, because my parents never did.  I envy those people with parents who do amazing things that make them strive to be the best and always self-improve.  My parents are just bullies and nothing I ever have done or will do will ever make them happy.  I've given up on pleasing them and am working on making myself and my little family happy.  Once I asked a tutor from college, (via email) if she could be my mentor, but she answered a few months later with, "I'm sorry but I'm off work at the moment on bereavement leave..." or something like that.  I was devastated for her, but was still left wanting.  I gave up on looking for a mentor and have pushed myself to achieve a few big things in my life to date and I'm very proud of my achievements.

In reading your book I have been taught a whole bunch of things that I wish someone was around to teach me, when I needed it the most.  I think what I'm trying to say is that I've taken you on as an unofficial mentor.  I love what you have to say about friends and work.  I've realised some things about work that I would have taken years to work out for myself.  (You've saved me some more embarrassment.) Everything just sounds like we're on the same page.  We eat the same,  work hard, are career focused and passionate. 

I'll be sad to read the last page, wish you had more to share with us.  Thanks for writing an inspiring, thought provoking and witty book.

Warm Regards

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My parents have a LOT of self help books, and over the years, their collection has been growing.

Every so often, I plonk myself down infront of bookshelf, and pick up an armfull of books that I think might -in some way or another- help me.

I often only read one or two chapters from each because of the diverse range of subjects they cover.

Chapter 5 on Depression here... New book.
Chapter 2 on Job Paths there... New book.
Half of the introduction on Persistance...
The middle part of Motivation...

I can still say I've never *bought* a self help book, but if I'd payed for the ones I've read, I'd have spent close to $1000-!

I've found them helpful beyond words, and that's why it's sometimes easy for me to give adice to others.
I just adopt they're helpful, firm, but never too condescending language! :D

I always think your parents cool when you mention them. I can't count how many self-help books I read. I had to read them as a Counsellor so I could recommend good books to my clients but I have also read quite a few in the pursuit of finding sanity for myself. My half of the shelves are almost full of self-help books, then there's a few by Margaret Atwood then the last 2% are humorous and biographies.

I've been obsessed with self improvement for a very long time... :)

I love humour books. There's some old Garfield and Footrot Flats lying around downstairs too!

I like reading stuff that makes me happy. :)

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