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Too Many Excuses During This Crazy Season To Eat Bad But Tasty Food!

Before I get vortexed into all the things that I want to get done today, I'll do that post I promised to do about Thanksgiving. It was my first ever on Saturday, there were loads of lovely people to share it with at Lillian's house and Lillian had the best spread ever.

I said I would put this post in my Skinny Chic blog but the food that was consumed isn't exactly appropriate for that blog, (I can hear the people who were at the party reading this having a giggle...) so it's in my personal blog instead.

There was the Turkey of course... and sorry to my Vegan friends and health fanatic friends but I just didn't stop myself on this day. I wanted to try everything, from the delicious Turkey with the best stuffing ever and the Yams with the Marshmallow and Caramel sauce... Apple Pie and Cherry Pie and some things called, "Chocolate and Peanut Butter Cups." The energy in the house was buzzing, so much sugar. Now I've had a taste of what my friend littlebritlover has to eat on holidays. It's crazy. : ) (I was too late to take a photo of the delicious Chocolate/Rum Cake that had cream dripping down the sides.)

Here are some pix of what was consumed.

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i guess all i can say is, YUM. It looks so good. My belly is stuffed just looking at the pics

It was pretty good and then we had dinner at the Irish at Knox for a friend's birthday. Sophia had a big day. :)

That cherry pie looks divine!
And is that roast pumpkin in the bottom photo? *drools*

The Cherry pie was my favourite, twas made by a lovely woman called Cathy and that is roast pumpkin with the marshmallow and caramel. :)

Oh wow! Marshmallow and Caramel! LOL
I don't think I could eat that! I'd feel sick! :P
I think roast pumpkin is sweet enough by itself!

The sweet potato/yam was fantastic with the marshmallow and caramel sauce and you probably would have died eating the pumpkin pie then because it was sweetened as well. The pumpkin pie was a bit too much for me, but the yams, they woz good. Tummy is still trying to settle itself since Saturday. :)

It's crazy the food, isn't it?!? We're still on pumpkin pie. For some reason, my mom thinks she has to make 6 pies every year. This year they were 5 pumpkin & a pecan pie for my sister's boyfriend who is from the south. Pecan pie is HUGE a staple. Pecan didn't turn out as well, because it was her first time, but there's still 1 pumpkin left. We got rid of the turkey pretty fast, but still have some mashed taters stuffing left. I'm not a cherry pie person, because I worked in a cherry factory for three years & know what goes into cherry pie filling!!! :) Still, your friend's pie looks pretty good. I'm also not much into the yams...I usually pick off the marshmallows! :D Actually, the best part of Thanksgiving is the people you're with. I always like it, because no matter what goes on in our lives, we always can get together on Thanksgiving & there's no fighting, arguing, or anything other than happy to be with each other. Even the kids get along!! Glad you got to partake in a hint of what we do & glad you had a good time!!!

The pumpkin pies were too strange for me, maybe they didn't get the mix right?

The cherry pie was home-made and the best thing on the table besides the gigantic turkey our friend Lilian cooked. It was a huge bird and the Americans were talking about how small it was. We were in shock. (I love the Yams with the Marshmallow.) The Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups were also a favourite and then the Pigs Hoofs were great but difficult to eat. Lol.

You're right though, nothing is more important than the company on the day and the room was over-flowing with lovely people. The atmosphere was great, there were children everywhere for Sophia to play with and everyone was in a great mood.

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