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Amazing Friends!

Skinny Chic means a lot to me...Recently my friends showed me how much they understand this.  They know I'll be needing a banner for some events soon, so here's what Tracey and Richard bought me.

Oh and Richard thought he might get them to send me a free pen, just for kicks. 

Thanks for being some of the coolest friends I've ever had in my life.

Now my friend Michelle is working on doing some flyers for me too.  (I'll send you the email as soon as T gets off the other pc which has all my stuff on it.  He says thanks for the crazy little green pillow too.  xx)

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Wow! That's amazing! Those friends are awesome!
Wooo!! Upcoming events requiring a banner!!

YES, awesome friends and the details of events will be posted. :)

How cool are they?!? I'm so glad you have the most amazing friends! You deserve them. Can't wait to hear how your demo goes & I think that'll lead to some great things for you! So excited for you & hopefully the start of a great adventure!! Hugs!

You're pretty cool too Jenn!!! I will never forget that amazing book you bought me when I needed it the most. You all give me so many reasons to keep going. I'm truly blessed. *hugs*

Just been given the times that I will be on the Kitchen stage. I'm so excited Jenn!!! xx

I'll be announcing stuff on Twitter. :)

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