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Flowers - Art : Elizabeth Caffey

And now for something completely different...

It's time to get real...  Five days ago, Tony and I split up.  He packed his bags and temporarily moved in with our friends Richard and Tracey.  It's very shocking after 7 and a bit years... We love each other, care about each other but aren't in love.  Sophia is doing well.  My parents are helping both Tony and I settle into new lives, which is the strangest thing.  They're showing us both so much care and love.  We're a bit confused but totally accepting the support.

Last night we went to a party together to catch up with old friends and touch base with loads of people.  We also found out that quite a few of our other friends who we hadn't seen for a while had split up from longterm relationships too.  It's all so unsettling, but we're getting through it.

Anyway, the party was held by Robert and Gina and it had a 70's Theme.  Here are some paparazzi shots from the evening.

Tony and I doing our usual party posing.  We're still good friends.  : )


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