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But I want to be a Princess!

When you were a little girl, (unless you were a boy...)  and your parents or anyone asked you what you wanted to be, wasn't the answer always, "A Princess!  A Model! An Actress!  A Ballerina!"  It was never, "A Secretary!  A Cleaner!  A Childcare Worker!  etc..." I tried being a Ballerina when I was younger, worked bloody hard at it and then was told, due to my height and weight that I could only ever amount to being a teacher.  Now there's nothing wrong with that, but my dreams didn't include the unglamour of being a teacher, I WANTED TO BE A BALLERINA, just like all the other Princesses in the class.  Cast out as too fat and too short I left with my medals and awards for hard work and lived a miserable life at school wondering what else I was going to do with myself...

I went on to do more study at lots of different Universities and TAFE Colleges and have heaps under my belt...  Now I'm enrolled in a class that will teach me Deportment and how to walk down the Catwalk.  Not sure if I can handle it, will have to chanel my favourite model's stance and attitude.  Yes, I'm thinner now, but I'm also about 20 years older than most of the other girls in the class. 

At the least it will be a learning experience.  Wish me luck. 

 The dates for the course:

10th, 11th, 17th of April and The Photoshoot is yet to be booked in. 

There will be blog entries with as many photos as I'm able to take and am allowed.

Video footage may not be included due to lack of upload allowance on my current broadband plan.

Stay Tuned!


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