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Ladette to Lady... A New Beginning...

I just received my letter of confirmation of the new class I'll be attending.  This one's actually called, Part-Time Modelling Course," but it's the same as the previous one that is all about Deportment, Image and Self-Improvement.  I will be doing this course for 17 weeks, every Monday night.

Since I don't have access to internet that allows me to upload to You Tube, unfortunately there wont be any Video Blogging entries of this little adventure.  : (  However, I promise to take at least one photo of what I'm wearing each week and we'll see if it improves over the length of the course.

To be honest, I'm really looking forward to having the opportunity to work on my self-esteem.  That's one of the first things to go after you separate from someone you've been seeing for 7 years.  I need the confidence to do my cooking demonstrations and presentations.  Of course it's still going to be fun doing the modelling part.  : )  The letter says that you have to bring high heels and mascara besides the usual pen and paper...  I'm just a little bit excited, I never got too many chances to do really girly things when I was little.

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have fun wearing mascara enjoy the Sass it brings! ;)

I wear mascara everyday anyway, but it's a strange thing to request the students to bring to a class. I guess it shows you how different it is from any other course.

You haven't introduced yourself. Are you one of the people I did that Spec Savers Ad with? :)

I'll be interested to see what happens with you! I think you're going to do great & find that you've got more confidence than you think you have. It takes alot to put yourself out the way you do, so I think this will just help you channel it more. I'm excited to see what happens & maybe pick up a few pointers! :) Hugs to you!!

Hmmm, you know how I said to Matt Lucas in his belated birthday wish that I appreciated how he had the guts to put himself out there and do whatever it takes to make us laugh? I wasn't kidding and you're right, it does take a lot of effort to put yourself out there the way I do and others do. I work really hard and get really upset when things I try don't work, but I have to keep reminding myself that each failure is a triumph, because it was an opportunity to learn and move forward. It helps me narrow my focus, improve all my skills and do a little better each time.
*hugs* to you my good friend, glad you enjoyed your pedicure, and happy birthday again. You deserve the world at your feet. ;)

Can you still record your progress but upload to youtube at a later date?

Ha ha ha, a voice of reason! Thanks for the suggestion, I'll do it and upload when I can. :)

REMEMBER! Anytime of the day or night. You can call me. Always there for you buddy. *hugs*

too unmotivated for filming... but will try to do a behind the scenes throughout the course if the girls will let me.

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