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Awesome lesson tonight, wish I wasn't so tired though...

This lesson was all about Wardrobe.  Boy did Pippa look stunning.  I fee really ill-mannered for not asking her for a photo because she looked fantastic.  Sorry Pippa, I wasn't sure what the polite thing to do was.  You know what I mean.  I should've asked.  : (  I would have been fine if you said no, I just didn't want to bug you.  

It was interesting, apparently style has a science...  It's based on a 14 point system, which isn't always right but can help someone who doesn't have the confidence to just wear what's comfortable and accentuates their assets.  I'm old so it's less of a worry for me.  I know what suits me and definitely know what I feel comfortable in.  (I just tried to look up this point system and only found this link.  Good luck with that.  If you want to know more about it, do the course.)

So sorry not to see Zena this week, you would have loved this class, it was what you said you were there for...  Oh well, sounds like a great excuse for us all to get together for a coffee and do some shopping? 

Things to remember about Fashion and Style:
  • Keep your clothes neat and tidy in the draws and closet.
  • Respect and take care of your clothes.
  • Spend money on items of clothing that will last, are sturdy and can be worn multiple times.
  • Collect as many accessories as possible, so you can mix and match whenever you need.
  • Dress for your size, shape and colouring.
  • Fashion can connect us all, so look at ALL of it and only purchase what actually suits you.
  • We should create our own style.  The latest fashion is a guide.

Me practicing my walk, doing a bad job... Chins too high.

Laila smirking as she walks.  It must be so annoying meeting a blogger.  : )

Me trying a colour other than black against my skin.  Colours can make you look healthier...

How gorgeous is Laila's smile here?  Such a sweet person.  : )

There aren't any photos of Zena because she was away and Isha didn't agree to be photographed.  x

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"...and can be worn multiple
I'm sorry, what! People need to be told this!!? :O

I think you'd look great in Autumn colours. Have you tried brown, cream/ bone, amber, and warm and/ or earthy tones? They're not the easiest to find in the shops, although you'd probably have a better chance than I do up here in Sydney! I hear Melbourne's meant to have lots in the way of fashion!

Check out the "Season Color Analysis" for the different times of year. You may need to click on the arrow to open up the page extension.

Yes, some people have to be told. Lol.

Melbourne's Op shops are pretty good with colourful stuff, next week I'll be wearing more colourful earthy tones. I'll get a better thumbs up from my teacher for that. ;)

I also suit earthy tones, but they've been so hard to find the past few years, what with the Grand Pumba Fashion Decision Makers concluding that EVERYONE should be wearing Spring shades *shudder*.
Bright and floral do not suit me at all, but that's not to say I want to wear black all the time!! There are so many beautiful shades that never see the racks because they're not the things that were on the Catwalk! It frustrates the hell out of me! If I could sew, it would be a totally different matter of course :)

God, tell me about it! If I could sew, I would have a very different wardrobe. I never get what's in fashion, always get what suits my shape and what is comfortable. I have a brown skirt that I still wear that doesn't really suit me, but it feels comfy. Oh well. Comfort is very important to me, I feel more confident in what I'm wearing when I don't have to think about it while it's on.

LOL. My thought process:
"...I feel more confident in what I'm wearing when I don't have to think about it while it's on" --> wardrobe malfunction --> side boob --> nipple --> extreme public humiliation!!
Therefore: I totally agree!!

Lol. Exactly. Any bits hanging out that you're aware of can really bring you down.

It's got to fit right, suit you and feel physically and psychologically right.

I think with your coloring, there wouldn't be too many colors you wouldn't be able to pull off. I always have a hard time with bright colors, because I'm kind of fair. I hate having to wear navy blue for work every day. Sometimes I feel like that's all I have in my wardrobe!! :)

You also have to consider the colours that you actually like. Yellow for instance...apparently looks great on me, but I'm really not very fond of the colour. I'm lucky that burgundy, greens and pink look good on me too, coz they're my favourites. :D

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