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Class Tonight Was On Etiquette

Ok, hair and make-up not the best tonight, but I love what I'm wearing and I got  a lot of complements on my walk and stance.  Oh and everyone loved the shoes, as do I.  They're my favourite Demonia's. 

PS: I'd love to do some catwalk shows for Chadstone and the like...  : )

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This keeps on being a positive experience.

It does, I keep feeling even more and more confident each time and I really look forward to each lesson. Our current tutor is Zana and she's brilliant. The teachers are great, the students are wonderful and the things we learn are greatly valuable. I'm gaining much more from it than I expected. x

You're looking better every week! I can see it in your stance too.

Thank you very much, it takes an effort to get ready for class. It's given me a sense of hope for my future. Everyone is very supportive.

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