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"Strange Things Are Happening to Me..."

Since it was a public holiday last Monday there wasn't any class to report on.

However, something weird has happened to me, well actually quite a few weird things have happened.  Too many to mention and/or some too private to divulge...

The other day I was shopping at my local supermarket, the one I've shopped at for the last 30 years...  Yeah I know, I'm old, so what...  No one has ever looked me in the eye at that place let alone ask me if I'm ok.  The woman at the check out did exactly that, she lent forward and said, "you don't look yourself today, are you ok?"  I answered with something equally strange..."Actually no, I'm not ok, I've lost my sense of taste..."  She said, "I thought there was something not quite right about you today."   Not only is it weird that she noticed me at all, but she went to the next step of not only feeling some concern about my welfare but voicing it.

Well onto the next weird bit, what I just mentioned happened 5 days ago, today the same woman was walking towards the checkout that I was at and said, "are you feeling any better today?"  I looked at the girl at the checkout and thought.  Here we go, you're in trouble for taking too many sickees hey?  Lol.  (She did look a bit pasty?) The woman leaned into my shoulder and looked me in the eye and waited for MY answer!  "OH!  You mean me???  Yes, I'm a lot better today, thank you so much for asking. "  Good Lord!   What kindness!  I'm overwhelmed!  (I lied.)

Anyway, did anyone notice the other weird bit in my little story?  I  can't taste...  My sense of smell has weakened as well.  I'm completely disturbed by this.  My appetite has diminished.  I'm lost without this sense.  I think this is actually THE END of Skinny Chic...  I WROTE A COOKBOOK people!  Lol.  *shrugs shoulders*  I can still taste sweet things but am not able to differentiate between the flavours of sweetnesses, for instance all of the snakes taste the same to me, I no longer think, "oh but I don't like the green ones..." They're all just sweet...  *sigh*

Here was my favourite food...

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Oh my god! :(

Have you been to a doctor or specialist about this? There could be something misfiring in your brain! (End of the world scenario, I know. Sorry, it's a habit!)

That's... terrible! I'd go insane with out my sense of taste! I LIVE for food!

Maybe that's why you're not feeling hungry as much. You're body isn't getting the 'reward' of taste and it's 'detoxed' itself to wanting food?

Oh my god! :(

Email me if you want to talk more about this! I'm here!

I KNOW! It's so full on! BUT, it's all very interesting... It has diminished my desire for food, (you're right) because I think, "well if I can't taste it, what's the point?" I've been eating cucumbers and celery because I know I wont be disappointed with them. I also make a really strong cup of Tom Yum Soup, that if the normal average tasting person drank would vomit because it has too much flavour... I drink it and love it, cos it's all I can taste. So strange. Apples are still ok.

It has sparked a curiousity for Martin Parr's photos of food. He's not a food photographer, he depicts things at their worst and somehow makes them kind of attractive. Very cool artist/photographer.

Your taste buds have a life span of 7-10 days right... So, what if it's like, they're just on holidays or sumfin'?

But seriously, check it out a doctorb or something.

Honestly I was just starting to get used to it and assumed that the doctor couldn't do anything to help so was trying to adjust by increasing my intake of vitamins and other stamina building things that will make sure I don't waste away.

Damn, just tried an apple then and couldn't taste that either... *sigh*

Depression can alter the way you perceive taste - and frankly, with all the shit you've been going through I'd be surprised if you weren't a wee bit blue, even if you feel like you're firing on all cylinders.

I think you've tried St John's Wort in the past (or am I dreaming that)? It's worked for me for short-term, non-clinical downs.

But what illhavetwo said - if it persists, get help. {{}}

I have used St John's Wort, but I'm not depressed at the moment. I'm highly stressed... I don't know, I'm going through heaps of changes lately. I have nowhere to voice my true feelings on what's going on in my life so my pain has been expressing itself in really weird ways. The tastebuds disappearing is just one of the manifestations. Others are too grose to mention... *sigh*

Maybe I should write a detailed letter to Oliver Sacks and see if he can help me. Lol.

aww sounds like your body is struggling...hope you are feeling better really soon and being kind to yourself xx

Thank you. BTW, happy belated birthday. Sorry it's a sad time for you. :(

As I said, I'm taking my vitamins, slowly finding a few things here and there that I can actually taste and then sometimes the same thing the next day is totally tasteless. Taking each day as it comes. I've now put the url up for sale. Loads of changes happening in my life at the moment. There mostly good.

Doctor says there's not much I can do to bring back my tastebuds, but make sure I'm getting my vitamins etc...

Hope you are well. x

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