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Being Tasteless...

I just wanted to have a word about my tastebud situation.  People are freaking out and well I can totally understand because eating is one of the things in life that keeps us alive, is one of our basic survival instincts etc.  That's why some people get addicted to it... 

This situation has been an interesting experience for me.  It's made me look at life in a new way that of course I would never have imagined doing, (in this particular way.)  I used to think, wow Martin Parr's a great photographer...  but now he's even more interesting to me because of the different ways that he captures food.  Food magazines go to extraordinary lengths to depict food as appetizing and delicious, Martin Parr makes it look really ordinary, old and tasteless.  This has driven a new focus with my amateur attempts at artistic photography.  If Frida Kahlo can teach herself to paint, surely I can teach myself to take photos...

This is a photo by Martin Parr.  It strangely seems very Australian and says so much about class and the drudgery of everyday life in suburbia.  So much conveyed in such a small space.  Of course you may not see anything at all, or maybe you see a sad version of the left overs of a Tea Party with Alice.  Everybody has different ways of seeing, that's the point of Art.  I love it. 


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