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Hair and Make-up Revisited!

SO MUCH IS GOING ON!!!  Hard to think, hard to stay awake, hard to smile, hard to... you fill in the blanks...  *sigh*

Last night I got to bed at 2am then was up at 6am, then spent the whole day getting my hair dyed and cut at a Hairdressers College, then a quick bite to eat, then off to my course at Suzan Johnston!  OMG!  I can't believe I'm still awake!  But hey, I've still got more to do before I get off to bed and tomorrow's another big day...  Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!

Thank you to Michelle, who's college we were at to get our hair done for free, thank you to Sanita who did my hair and the lovely teachers who guided her and made sure I didn't look like a disaster.  : ) 

As I think I promised, here is a photo of my new hair-cut and a before and after photo of me in class tonight.  We were taught how to do evening make-up by Zana.  I've got to say...  It was a hell of a lot of fun.  I don't often get into girlie things but this was cool.  Thanks for being an awesome teacher in every way Zana.  x

Me at the college straight after getting my hair done, it took about 5 and half hours.  Very tired...

Before photo, while in class.

After photo, with eye make-up that I probably wouldn't wear to a party but might go for something like this on a Catwalk.

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Picture 3:


Just wow!

Thank you. I know this sounds a bit brash, but it looked even better in real life. The lighting in the dressing rooms is really crap and the camera was on my phone, so average photo, but the make-up was lovely.

It was a really fun evening.

Thanks again. x

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