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Class: Modelling: Lesson One

Tonight's class was awesome!

It was our first class on Modelling.  We went through the history of modelling, all the different types of models there are and what kinds of work there is for everyone...  It kind of made me a little nervous as I know it made some of the others, especially when we discussed what had to go into the Model's Bag to take to each job and what we're going to do on our graduation night when we do a show on the Catwalk.  

It made me think of when I was a little girl and how I flirted with the idea of ... being on the front Cover of a Magazine like Vogue.  Lets face it, there are other great fashion Mags but if you want a Bench Mark, it's Vogue.  My belief as a child was that making it onto the cover of this magazine was the ultimate way of saying how incredibly beautiful you are and of course fashionable. 

I have so much more respect for people like Kate Moss and Lara Stone, who have both been on the Cover of Vogue.  They both have worked very hard and deserve way more kudos for their efforts.  People need to stop being so jealous of them.  I say that because they get a lot of crap from tabloid magazines and a lot of people leave derogatory comments under their articles in Online Magazines and Newspapers often.

This link will take you to a great article by Erin O'Connor.  She's an incredible beauty.


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