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More Work Please!!!

Very happy and tired.  Worked all day on the Set of Offspring.  A new Hospital Comedy... I think.  The last time I was on this set, it was all a bit serious, so I wasn't sure but now they tell me it's a comedy.  It felt more like one today and everyone had a lot of fun.  It was a really great group to work with and I wont be a blur in this one.  You'll actually see me, "acting."  Lol.  Not really, more like being paid to fool around and talk crap.  Seriously though, you should all watch the show, "Extras."  It's funny and gives an interesting insight into the world of the Extra.  You know the one with Ricky Gervais in it.

This is a pic of me in the morning, this shoot went from 08:00 to 16:30.  And there was much rejoicing.  I'll be on Set again for this show tomorrow morning from 07:15 for 4 hours.  Great to be working. 

Edit: 30th July 2010

I just wanted to add that The Offspring Team was one of the nicest I've worked with so far.  They work well together and they are very suppotive of Extras and all their staff members.  I also wanted to say that Tremaine, the Extras Director is one of the best Extras Directors I've ever worked with.  She really takes pride in her work.  So she should, her efforts will reflect her talents and they do.  Other Extras Directors don't seem to care what the Extras do but T as she prefers to be called makes sure that the Extras reflect more of what REALLY happens in the background.  Thanks T for making things more enjoyable and giving us a more interesting part to the equation.

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Wooo!! I found having a job definitely increased my self esteem! Even though I know my job is only a temp job, having an income that's NOT from Centrelink makes me feel SO much better about myself!!

So glad to hear it! We've both had a bad trott... Hope you get more good luck. :)

You too m'dear :)

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