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Fashion Exposed & Preview Exhibition 2010

Today I did something a little different thanks to @StyleMelbourne .  They gave me a double pass to attend the Fashion Flash Seminar at the Fashion Exposed & Preview Exhibition in the City.  It's for Industry only, so I can't give away all of the details.  There weren't any camera's allowed in the Exhibition area either.  I will however tell you and give you the names of my favourite Designers.  These names are recommendations for Retailers.  I've had to sort out a lot of catalogues and some of them went in the bin.  It took a lot to impress me, with that many stalls to look at, if you didn't grab my eye straight away, I just kept walking and a lot of people complain that I walk too fast. 

First I'll tell you what my style is, because what I choose isn't necessarily everyone else's taste, it's just my opinion.  I like comfortable shoes, so I've favoured a lot of comfy Mary-jane stockists, (and platforms)  I've started to like more colour and I like things either form fitting with a solid colour or flowing with texture, but no fur or leather.  (See, I picked up a lot during the documentary in the Seminar in the morning which was Narrated by Marylou Luther. ) 

I can't show you any photos of the clothes because they're not even due out for the next season, but you'll see most of them in the stores soon enough.  For some, their websites aren't complete yet, so the links wont work straight away, but for the rest there will be a sample of what they have.

These were my favourites:

Simone Dennis Designs  Jewellery

NAOT Shoes

Dynamic shoes

Handmade by Tania Angeli

Made in Donald



Chic Empire Ugg Boots & Sheepskin Footwear

Ahnu Shoes

Amanecer Trading Co (Silk)

There were heaps more, I  mean heaps of shoes, accessories, clothes, jewellery, everything, but as I said, these were my favourites and the clothes, shoes and jewellery of these designers is indicative of the latest trends from Europe.  Trust me, Marylou Luther told me so.  : )

The Seminar was Fashion Flash: Ready to Wear Autumn/Winter 2010.  It was such a
privilege to be there and be part of something so exciting and so fresh off the Runway.  Only one person asked a question and they complained about the styles they saw in the DVD, something about it all not being streamlined enough for her tastes, she wanted less diversity.  I loved all of it.   I now want some faux fur pants, some silk skirts and really baggy silk suits.  The two favourite Designers were Stella Mc Cartney and Burberry.  The two most popular colours were Camel and Orange.  

So long as you remember to make the Fashion of the Season fit your individual style and comfort.  It's all good.

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