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The Stringybark Festival at Rowville

It's difficult to know where to begin.  I think I'm also suffering from a bit of mild heat stroke which doesn't help, but I'll do my best.  While I wait for my new management to kick into gear and make up my new Comp Card, which will be completed by Brett Robson ,  I'm going to start doing posts on my new tasks as a registered Volunteer with Knox Community Health.  This particular blog post is not directly related but there were so many familiar faces at the  Stringybark Festival and I know I'll be working with a lot of them over the coming months, that I couldn't resist but give you a review of my time spent there .  (So it's not about me being a Volunteer yet, as my jobs haven't been expressly defined thus far, but it's a start for now, there'll be more to come with following posts.) 

The weather was rubbish.  I stood there like a trooper with Earl Grey Tea (with a recyclable cup) in one hand and a Falafel wrap in the other.  Eating and dreaming of being on a warm couch drinking hot cocoa but there I was like a popsickle, thinking, "I love my Community, if I have to eat in the rain, while supporting local business and meeting new people and making meaniful connections with lovely people, while I freeze like an Eskimo, then I'll do it."  Just then in true Melbourne fashion, the Sun came out and all was well again.  I continued to smile through the cold and rain and lap up the great Community Spirit that was present.

I must say, I ate heaps!  The Falafel I et was huge and there's only one guy selling them.  Get one tomorrow, they're delicious.  There were these girls handing out little weiner thingies.  I forgot what they're called, possibly something to do with a dog in a blanket or a pig?  Who knows, but it was a tiny little sausage wrapped in a piece of small pastry.  Very cute and yummy.  I had three helpings but only because they kept shoving them into my hand.  I didn't ask for them, honest.  Then I ate some food at the Community Kitchen as well but more on that later.

There was a great turn out for the first day, despite the horrible weather.  Loads of Community bands, choirs, singers, dancers etc. performed on the Community Stage.  There were also these really cute sisters that sang together at the Busker's Stage.  They were gorgeous and absolutely fantastic at their performance.  They had a very proud dad watching on, it was all very sweet AND the girls were very talented and very intertaining. (Isabelle and Juliette Coleman, both under the age of twelve.  New contestants for X Factor perhaps?) 

Ten points if you can spot the Celebrity in the background?  (Alan Tudge speaking with the Bayswater Boys Scout Group.)   : )

There were friendly Stilt walkers scaring, I mean entertaining the children.  Face painting of course, which I've got to say was brilliant.  These guys were true artists and did lovely artwork on all of the little faces.  There was a fantastic little cafe, with well priced, delicious cups of tea and coffee, with the friendliest service ever.  Someone at their stand called me darling and asked how I was and I got confused.  I don't think Australians are used to good service.  These guys were the best.   Sorry I didn't know I was going to write about it, so I don't remember what they're called, but they're right near the Community Stage.

Fantastic Stilt Walkers!

Frill neck lizard Stiltwalkers, entertaining the children.

The stalls that I engaged with the most, of course had things that I personally was interested in, so sorry to all of the fantastic stall holders that had equally great wears, but these are the ones that I bought stuff from and/or plan to buy something off.

I bought recyclable goods from Obsidian Star.  I spent ages talking to these guys.  They had great products, great prices and were very friendly.  Oh and there was a very cute little baby to ooh and ah at .  : ) 

I bought my new favourite ring from: Blessed-Life who were also very friendly and amazing.  The woman who sells these products has an amazing story.  If the story's not on her website, go and ask her about it tomorrow, her name is Stephanie and I'm sure she'd love to tell you all about it.  Very inspiring.  Here's the ring.

It was made by Fair Trade Nepali Handicrafts.  Nice. 


AND... It was an absolute pleasure to bump into the wonderful Steven Kain.  Steven works at the Knox City Council and does a lot of work behind the scenes at Festivals and usually gets other people to do Cooking Demonstrations... He's very passionate about food and shares this passion with the Community by teaching (amongst other things). Today it was Steven's turn to be in the spotlight, so we all got to see how Steven prepares a dish on stage with his own Cooking Demonstration.  Just ask anyone, Steven is one of the nicest people you will ever meet.  He had some really sweet jokes he told while cooking,  even though you could tell he was nervous, his delivery was seemless and the dish was awesome.  I got to have a little taste and was so impressed that as soon as I've finished writing up this blog post, I'm going off to make it for my dinner.  The dish was Tomato & Bacon Penne Pasta. 

Here is a photo and his recipe. 

Serves: 4
Prep time: 10 minutes
Cooking time: 12 minutes


400g penne pasta
6 rashes shortcut bacon
1tbsp olive oil
1 leek, halved lengthways and finely sliced
1 onion, finely sliced
200g cherry tomatoes halved
50g baby spinach leaves
125g fresh ricotta cheese
Parsely sprig for garnish

(Steven's Demonstration was a Healthy Habits: Happy Lives initiative brought to you by the Knox City Council.

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Sounds like you had a busy day, but lots of fun!! I think the sausage things you're talking about are called pigs in a blanket. My nephews & neices love them & we make them here with hot dogs. They're so not healthy, but that's probably why theyre good! I use them at baby showers, using little sausages wrapped in dough. They usually are the first things gone!! Your pasta sounds so delicious.....might have to try it myself!! Hugs to you!! Oh & I love your ring too!! ;)

Does it count that the sausages were Gluten Free? :)

I had an enormous amount of fun, was on my feet the whole time and wanted to leave around 1pm but then my friend's demo was on at 2:30pm so I had to wait, but wasn't dissapointed. I actually have a cold as well, so it was quite difficult to stay on my feet, but I managed it somehow.

Oh God, try the pasta!!! I think I'm going to have it for dinner again tonight. It's so yummy. I remember people saying that they too made up my dish when they got home after my cooking demo at Knox Festival. Doing cooking demos make you and everyone else feel really good. xx

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Re: Healthy recipes

I haven't done a recipe in a long time and I dare say there wont be more to come unless I do something amazing...

Don't be discouraged, practice makes things a lot easier. I still make a lot of disasters. Don't expect too much and use less ingredients when possible. :)

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