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Looking forward to 2012

Hi, I know I promised a super amazing post on the years achievements and the rest, but...  The more I learn the less I have to say.  I'll do my best, but I'm very busy with a new family member, house work and new homework.

This year I studied; Old Testament, New Testament, Biblical Interpretation and Living in Christ.  I loved studying them all, but my favourite for the year was Living in Christ.  This coming semester I will be studying; Public Communication Skills, Leadership 1, Faith Foundations and Christology.  I'm really looking forward to it all.   I've already started reading my Christology text book by Bloesch.  It's blowing my mind, which is no news to my facebook friends.  (I keep going on about it.)

Sophia has made a lot of new friends at Kindergarten and we've been on a lot of playdates.  Next year will be her first year of primary school, so we wont see much of each other. 

Last but not least, our new family member... is Daniel.  My father, who has been really kind lately,  praise God... has bought us a kitten.  (He also paid for my books for College.)

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