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Make a Difference: Take the Pledge

I am white, born, raised and living as a female, attracted to the opposite sex, average height, have the full use of all my limbs, can see, can hear, I have an education and there is always food on my table.  This means I can blend into the crowd.  I can go unnoticed and I can say nothing and do nothing while I watch a whole lot of other people be ignored, unloved, untouched, unfed, mistreated and abused...  It's my belief that when we do this we are adding to the suffering of others.  There are many causes, all you need to do is choose one and say that you will not side with that part of society that allows and administers the discrimination and abuse of anyone that is different to you.

Here are a two young gentlemen from England who are making a big difference by doing something incredibly brave.  I know it's brave because of my own experience with trying to make a difference in this world.  Your parents can disown you, you lose friends, some friends become less supportive and it can make some friends and other people really aggressive towards you.  It can be scary, I know of one person who got kicked out of his church and lost his job for supporting Marriage Equality.  The boys names are Nathan and Ross.  They are two young friends who have a passion for justice and cannot stand by while a group of people in our society get discriminated against and have less rights than the average straight women and men.

Please take a look at their website and as they say, Take the Pledge .  It's a very impressive website and campaign.  I look forward to seeing this campaign have an impact.

Follow the guys on Twitter at: Skelat and join the conversation at actualkhesed


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