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Research Update

I had promised to upload what my findings were once I had my results on what the second verse of Leviticus said about Homosexuality.  I did finish my research paper and I was pleased to find that Leviticus didn't say anything against the LGBTI Community.  It said stuff against masturbation and group sex.

I have decided that if people want to hear about it, I'd like them to meet me in person and ask me questions about it, so if your church or community wants to hear a Q & A talk on Leviticus, please make contact and book me in.  I'd love to meet you and discourse the ways forward.

I'd also like to say that I haven't given up on my research at this point.   I need funding to be able to hire more Hebrew Scholars, who are willing to tell the truth and teach me more about Hebrew in order to further support my findings.

Thanks for keeping up to date with me.



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