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I give you my heart...

Something I'm Feeling Deep Inside My Broken Heart

I've had a really tough day today and once again I would love to thank all of those who prayed for me.

It got me thinking...

Right this minute, all I can think about is every little thing I have done wrong.  Everything I said that hurt someone, everything that others have said or done to hurt me.  Of course I'm in a pessimistic mood.  There has been plenty of good stuff.  All of that is in the foreground for now as I realise, right here, right now... I would be nowhere without grace.  If I sat here and there wasn't a loving family member or dear friend to slap me about and say, "It's ok, you're just having a bad day, it will get better, I understand you, I'm here for you, you're ok, we love you, there is hope..."  I would be nothing.  Right this minute, I know that I know that I know that I know... there is no hope and there is no life without grace.

Don't panic... Just stare at the picture and soak it in...  #feelingblessed


Photograph by Martin Parr.  (The Last Resort).


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