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It's been a while...

Over due for an update.  I don't know where to start, so much has happened and some of it I can't say in public, because my dad is now on Facebook, talks to me on Twitter and probably checks my blog... *waves*  Hi dad...  Lol.  (Dad, ask your friends what lol means).

I'm still optimistic about my future, taking baby steps into the destiny that has been laid out for me.  Still working out what that is.  Health is better.  Making new friends.  Gained a another mentor who is also the bees knees.  :)  Feeling blessed to have an awesome partner and a wonderful daughter.  Relationships with my mum and dad are pretty great too.

Oh and after years of roaming around aimlessly, we have found a new church to go to.  It is totally LGBTI accepting and loving and I feel safe there.

Last week I lit a candle for the trans community, had a bit of a cry.

Hope all is well in your world.

Here are a few images of what I've been inspired by, been doing and love...

David GandyKate Mosscoffee
Inspired by David Gandy's style.  Enjoying watching the fashion industry.  Drinking loads of caffeine.

valentines day 2014church candleAndre and Erika
Mat & I at Valentines day.           The candle I lit at church.                  Andrej Pejic and Erika Linder. Genderqueer models.

Loumarriage equality rally 2014thumb
Me dressed in men's clothing.               I also went to the marriage equality rally.
(Sometimes ppl call me Lou).

The last photo is of me showing off my stitches, the day I sliced my thumb while preparing dinner.  I was drying a knife.  That was weeks ago now and I'm healing up nicely.

PS: Thank you to everyone who has been so sweet and supportive towards me and my little family.  You honour us with your love and care. x


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