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A List of Herbs, Foods & Supplements: FTA Natural Transition: (Female to Androgynous).

I have been meaning to supply this list for a while, but I had to make sure that they worked before I could say anything.  Even now I am still waiting for another blood test to give me even more results to show me how much of a difference these methods are making.  I will list the changes that have occured first and then let you know what herbs etc. are recommended.

Please consult a Trans friendly Naturopath before you administer these herbs to yourself, unless you are using foods that have these minerals in them already or herbal teas.

Note: These are a list of the changes that have occured over the last couple of months of taking these herbs and supplements.  Please note that I have had about 20 years of experience with researching natural remedies, herbs, supplements and dietry requirements.  It's important to take safe quantities of eveything, which is why I recommend consulting a Naturopath first.

List of Changes:

  • Noticeable deepening of the voice.

  • Slightly more facial hair.  Shave it if you want it to grow back thicker and faster, in order grow a beard and mustache.

  • Noticeable weightloss, with muscle definition in the arms.

  • Considerable rise in energy levels, however energy dropped considerably around time of menstruation.  (Supplemented with Iron tablets and vitamin D.  My GP prescribed some Tranexamic Acid, which lessons the blood flow when menstruating).

  • Emotions harder to connect with.

  • Considerably raised libido, depending on the time of my menstrual cycle.

  • Some hair loss was experienced, but then my hair got thicker and was replaced quickly, possibly due to my intake of Turmeric.

  • Acne: on occasion acne appears in the morning, but is gone either by the afternoon or by the next morning.  Again this is possibly due to my intake of Turmeric and the zinc supplements that  I will mention.

  • Change in body odour and change in odour of urine.

  • Rise in appetite.  (I hear all of these changes are similar to being a teenage cis-gender boy).

  • Slow decrease in the size of breasts.

List of Herbs and Supplements to Assist Blocking and Cleansing of Estrogen and to Assist the Raising of Testosterone:

  • Turmeric: is a natural estrogen blocker and a testosterone raiser.

  • Black Pepper: estrogen blocker and testosterone raiser.

  • Magnesium and Zinc Supplments: both support the hormones in general and help keep the uterus in good health.  Zinc also helps with the condition of the hair and skin, which becomes very important when your testosterone levels rise.

  • Bio-Activated Resveratrol: testosterone raiser.  (You can buy this as a supplement from just about any chemist).

  • OestroClear: is a supplement that you have to order through your Naturopath.

  • Organic Noni Juice: scientifically proven to block estrogen.  Some doctors have prescribed it to cis-gender women who have breast cancer, to stop the dominance of estrogen, so that they can heal.

  • Vitamin D: lowers estrogen.

  • Iron Supplements: lessons bleeding during menstruation.

I have a few other supplements that I take, but they have either been prescribed by my Naturopath or are very strong and I wouldn't want to recommend something that may cause harm, if taken in the wrong doses etc.  Please make sure you do this with supervision.

I am not only doing a lot of research on this, I am also being monitored by my local Naturopath, who is Trans friendly. I always look up whatever I'm putting into my body.  (Note: before my Naturopath started treating me, I supplied them with all of my letters of reference for gender transitioning and re-assignment).

Additional Herbs and Foods that Lower Estrogen:

  • Broccoli

  • Ginger

  • Garlic

  • Nettle

  • Globe Artichoke

  • Rosemary

  • Fresh Lemon Juice

  • Pineapple

  • Kale

  • Fermented Soy Milk: by Bonsoy.

  • Dandelion Tea

  • Milk Thistle

  • Green Tea

  • Grated Carrot

I would incorporate these into the diet and start doing some exercise.  Estrogen stores itself in our fat cells, so you must start doing some cardio to lose some weight and lift some weights to help increase testosterone.  I also advise increasing your protein and drinking more water.

Note about Anger and Libido: It is important to manage these.  I use homeopathy to manage the anger and take long walks if needed to help calm myself down.  Anger can be controlled if you remove yourself from the situation and breathe.  Same with libido.

Note: I am writing all of this in response to my experience with these methods.  My research has been mainly done on the internet and if you have the time to do some research yourself, there is plenty on Google to back up what I'm saying.  Some of the evidence will contradict what I say, but that is because of the years of experience I have in taking these things for other ailments.  My experience shows me that these things work.

Take care and consult your Naturopath for further advice and support.


ps: This is one particularly good reference, since it explains the importance of blocking the estrogen, to make sure that the testosterone that is raised doesn't turn back into estrogen. Click on this LINK.


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